Our occupational therapists collaborate with each of our clients’ behavioral therapy teams to promote adaptive and motor development, and to address sensory dysfunction. They are on site at our center locations and are able to support the team at a moment’s notice.

What is occupational therapy?

Occupational therapists promote independence and safety with functional life skills in natural settings. Using creative approaches, occupational therapists at Minnesota Autism Center facilitate cognitive, physical, and social learning to enhance quality of life at home and at school. Occupational therapists collaborate with families and behavior therapy teams helps to ensure carryover across environments. Occupational therapy interventions may include:

Increasing independence in self-care skills                             

  • Completing typical daily routines independently (dressing, hygiene, grooming and feeding)

Increasing independence in activities around the house or in the community

  • Meal preparation activities and household chores
  • Money management, travel, safety
  • Adaptive strategies (feeding tools, low vision strategies, environmental modifications)
  • Work readiness

Improving fine motor skills

  • Managing fasteners on clothing
  • Handwriting
  • Using tools, like scissors
  • Play activities involving small pieces (example: Legos, board games, puzzles)

Improving gross motor skills

  • Including core and upper body strength, coordination, balance and motor planning skills

Sensory processing and emotional regulation

  • Improving body awareness
  • Improving attending/function in social groups
  • Increasing self-regulation skills
  • Decreasing impact of sensory aversions

Who provides occupational therapy services at MAC?

Occupational therapists at the Minnesota Autism Center are licensed by the state of Minnesota and are board certified by the The National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT).

When will a person receive occupational therapy?

Our occupational therapists work in tandem with our behavioral therapists for a full-scope, individualized plan for each client.

In addition to direct weekly sessions, behavioral therapists are taught to prompt self-care, fine motor and gross motor skills in the same ways our occupational therapists do. This gives our clients the extra repetition and practice he or she requires to make real progress for functional skills they will use for life.

This delivery model is unique as occupational therapy goals are integrated into the individual treatment plan and also targeted during individual sessions.