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As a comprehensive provider, we offer a broad range of programs for children and youth with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Our programs focus on early intervention, life skills development, group learning and school readiness opportunities.  Below provides a brief description of our programs.

Early intervention

For children ages 18 months through 8 years

The Early Intervention program delivers therapeutic services to children ages 18 months through 8 years old who are affected by ASD. We provide a highly structured therapy setting with intensive table teaching, natural environment learning and small group learning.  


For youth ages 9 through 12


Pathway to Life Skills program focuses on adaptive and life skills tasks to increase client independence. The goal of this program is to prepare our clients for success within their home and community. This program provides a higher level of 1:1 support for individuals that may need additional accommodations, require more support with personal care routines or behavioral support. It also is a stepping-stone for growth towards the Pathway to School Readiness program or the Life Skills program.


Pathway to School Readiness program focuses on increasing the skills needed to be successful within a school environment or within MAC’s School Readiness program. Individuals within this program may require a higher level of support than is needed within the School Readiness program. Individuals within this track will focus on increasing attending skills while in group settings, emotional self-control and greater social awareness. Individuals within this program benefit from a higher ratio of group learning opportunities versus individual therapy. This program provides a stepping-stone for growth towards MAC’s School Readiness program.

School readiness

For ages youth ages 13 to 21

The School Readiness program is designed to incorporate individual treatment goals within a group setting. This program serves individuals ages 13 to 21 with a variety of ability and developmental levels. Each client is working towards his or her maximum independence level and adaptive skills. Instruction and methodologies are based on research grounded and data-driven modalities.

Clients will have opportunities to learn from a group instructor. During instruction, clients will work on their individual treatment goals with the support of a therapist, while the instructor provides lessons based on a variety of themes. In this program, clients gain more independence as therapists continue to fade the level of support provided.

Life skills

For youth ages 13 to 21

The Life Skills program utilizes well-researched principles in a variety of natural settings with individuals ages 13 to 21 who are moderate to profoundly affected by ASD. The program fosters social interactions, tolerance and generalization of previously mastered skills within group settings and community integration. Clients learn skills that are essential for effective daily living and result in a greater degree of independent functioning and an improved quality of life.

Programs and ages flowchart

See below for a quick look at the sequence of MAC programs and ages of whom our programs serve.