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We are here for you. We provide answers and will help you decide on the next steps for your child.

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All children are unique. They have their gifts, talents and other things about them that make them special. They also have their challenges. Their own mountains to climb. Children who have autism are no different. They just have autism.

Parenting is never easy. Things can be even more difficult when you have a child with special needs. We understand those challenges and are here to help you. Our philosophy at MAC is one size does not fit all. We recognize your child for being that uniquely, special person who happens to have autism.

We are here to be your resource. Your confidants. Your partner as you navigate through next steps with your child and with your family.

We are here for you.

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Our Locations

MAC has centers located throughout the state of Minnesota in addition to its corporate office and assessment center (both located in Minnetonka). Click on any of the center images below to learn more about each location.


MAC fast facts

Minnesota Autism Center (MAC) provides therapeutic services to children and adolescents between the ages of 18 months to 21 years who have autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Our services are center-based and in-home, utilizing several therapeutic modalities, to develop individualized treatment plans and group learning experiences delivered in a 1:1 ratio or group learning setting with a team of mental health professionals.

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Minnesota Autism Center is a non-profit. We cannot meet the current need for services, so we need your help. Consider joining us and investing in our mission! With your help, we can continue to grow and meet the demand for services.