Will MAC Discharge My Child At a Certain Age Regardless of Progress?

Autism is a life-long disorder for the vast majority of those diagnosed with ASD. Unlike most ABA providers, MAC’s mission is to provide ongoing support and services as long as an individual with autism shows progress from our programming.

As a non-profit organization, MAC does not look at your child as a “profit center”. The reality is that young children are much more profitable and easier to serve than youth and adolescents impacted by autism. MAC is deluged with requests for services from children with autism who have reached the age where other providers “cut them loose” despite their need for continued services. Parents of children with autism who were led to believe that their child would ‘recover’ in a few short years are forced to deal with the reality that this is a long-term challenge and the provider they invested in is no longer interested in investing in them. MAC is a provider who stands by their children and families for the long haul. The Minnesota Autism Center treats your child as a person worthy of assistance for as long as we can help make a difference in their life.

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