What Happens To My Child If They Don’t Become a “Best Outcome” and Become Fully Mainstreamed?

No one can predict how well a child will respond to a good ABA program. Every parent wants to hear that there is a good chance that their child will be one of the fortunately children who will likely lose their autism diagnosis through ABA. Research and time have shown that only a very small percentage of children will eventually lose their autism diagnosis; not what most parents want to hear! However, research and time DOES show that virtually all children with autism who receive quality ABA services will make significant strides to achieving their optimal potential. MAC is different than many ABA providers. We want to provide hope for families dealing with autism, but not FALSE hope. The long-term outcomes for children whom we treat is second to none in the Upper Midwest, but we aren’t going to promise ‘recovery’ to entice you to choose our services over another provider.

For the majority of children who do not fully ‘recover’, life goes on past age seven or eight when most other ABA providers discontinue services. A large percentage of our clients are children who have had services discontinued by other providers because of an arbitrary age threshold. Your child will likely benefit from some level of ABA services for an extended period of time well past the cut off age of other ABA providers. If you aren’t sure about this, talk to a parent of a teen-age autistic child who has gone through puberty or menstruation. MAC does not discriminate based upon age. We provide services for children and adolescents as long as they continue to demonstrate gains from our programs and meet the ‘medically necessary’ criteria established by funding providers.

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