Other Providers Lead Me to Believe They Will Cure My Child. Can MAC Achieve the Same Outcome?

No one can predict with certainty how well any child with autism will progress with any treatment plan. Parents need to resist the temptation to listen to those who promise what they want to hear. Many parents have been convinced their child would be ‘cured’ if they simply did “X”, “Y”, or “Z”. Unfortunately, the outcomes promised or insinuated often do not turn into reality and the child loses precious time and the family spends resources chasing hopes and dreams, but not reality.

At MAC, we employ the most proven therapeutic approach to treating autism with our world-class ABA programming. No other provider in the Upper Midwest has successfully treated as many children and youth with autism as has MAC. Our skilled and experienced team has led child after child with autism to their optimal outcome. Your child gets one chance; make sure it is with a provider like MAC that will be there with your child throughout childhood and with a provider that has a track record of consistent results.

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