I Like a Broad, Comprehensive Approach to Treating My Child. Does MAC Go Beyond Offering ABA?

MAC believes that a comprehensive approach to treatment is appropriate when ABA therapy is the centerpiece of an individual treatment plan. In addition to ABA therapy, MAC offers speech and occupational therapy that is implemented using the proven concepts of ABA for teaching. Autism affects the entire family. MAC offers on-going parent support and sibling support groups as an option for those who wish to tap into these ‘no-charge’ programs for our families.

To gain optimal results, ABA therapy concepts and techniques should be integrated your child’s everyday life even when a MAC therapist is not present. Our professional staff provides constant training of family and caregiver members for each child so you can learn how to promote positive behavior and outcomes for your child when MAC is not present.

While MAC does not provide dietary or bio-medical programs, we believe that a healthy child is more capable of learning and succeeding in our program. To that end, our staff will work with you to implement most dietary or bio-medical protocols when your child is in our care.

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