How Do I Know That MAC Is Providing My Child With the Best Quality Services They Can Receive?

MAC has been a pioneer in providing life-changing ABA services in Minnesota since 2000. Our staff of professionals collectively has hundreds of years of experience delivering world-class ABA services to hundreds of children who are now living much improved lives.

Unlike some providers in the world of autism who will tell parents what they want to hear about their child, we are not in the business of providing false hope and unrealistic expectations to ‘sign up’ another client. MAC staff works responsibly day in and day out with your child to strive for the optimal outcome your child can achieve. For the fortunate few, they will lose their autism diagnosis. For the vast majority of children with autism, success is still a viable option, but comes in the form of increased skills, communication, and quality of life. MAC is in the business of helping your child achieve his or her highest potential whatever that may look like. Our track record of success is unparalleled in the Upper Midwest.

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