Minnesota Autism Center accepts most commercial insurance, when Mental Health benefits are included in the plan; however, many commercial insurance plans do not cover Mental Health. In those cases, certain Medical Assistance (MA) programs cover the cost of services provided by MAC, specifically straight MA (MA not attached to a commercial plan) or the TEFRA option.

Medical Assistance under the TEFRA option is the same as straight MA. Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act, or TEFRA, is available for some disabled children who ordinarily would not be eligible because of parents’ income. This option may require parents to pay a parental fee based on their income.

To apply for MA, contact a county caseworker. Your county caseworker will check your eligibility for straight MA or TEFRA and assist you in obtaining an application. You can also go online to the DHS website at Feel free to contact the Intake Coordinator for more information on funding and your particular coverage.