Understanding autism

Learning if your child has autism can be a confusing time, MAC understands the unknown can be difficult. We are here to help support and guide parents and families to help their child and make the best decisions for future success. Starting with your first appointment through working with one of our trained mental health professionals MAC is here for you. Enrolling your child into a program that is right for them and their families is imperative to their future success.

Connect with our intake team

At MAC, your first point of contact is our Intake team. Their sole purpose is to answer your questions. They are able to speak with you about MAC’s programs and services for your child and family or any general concern you may have as you process information about your child and autism. They are knowledgeable about the process for scheduling an assessment to next steps to getting services. And, they can connect you to one of our doctoral level clinicians to answer any clinical questions you may have about autism or the tools we use to screen for it.

Our intake team is here for you. Please email mac-intake@mnautism.org, call 952-767-4215, visit our Getting Help page to get started.