Getting Started

Enrolling your child or adolescent into a program that is right for them is critical for their long-term success. Our MAC team of professionals can assist you in making that significant decision.

Our Intake Coordinator is your first point of contact in getting access to any of MAC’s life-changing services. Please download and complete our Intake Packet to begin your child’s or adolescent’s journey. Our Intake Coordinator is available to help you with any questions that may come up as you complete your packet.

Once you have completed your intake packet, please mail your completed forms to:

Intake Coordinator
Minnesota Autism Center
5868 Baker Road
Minnetonka, MN 55345

Alternatively, you may fax your completed forms to 952-767-4211, attention: Intake Coordinator.


MAC Intake Process

1. Inquiries are received by our Intake Coordinator who obtains information and sends an initial intake package.

2. After the initial intake packet is completed, please mail or fax the information into the Intake Coordinator. Previous evaluations, school assessments, and other relevant health records must be submitted before proceeding in the intake process.

3. The intake packet is reviewed by MAC’s Intake Coordinator, who takes into account the following when reviewing the packet:

Previous ASD diagnoses
Presenting symptoms of ASD
Significant behavioral issues
Adaptive skills deficits
Cognitive functioning
Availability of services
Requested services
Funding sources

4. After the information is reviewed, the family is contacted to discuss any questions or concerns that arise (availability, funding, clinical concerns, etc.). If the child or adolescent is appropriate for services, he/she is placed on the waitlist. If MAC services are not appropriate, a Mental Health Professional will notify the family.

5. Upon availability of our Mental Health Professionals, the family is asked to come to our Corporate Headquarters or other select location for a diagnostic assessment. A diagnostic assessment will not be scheduled unless all required paperwork, reports, and insurance verification are acquired. Diagnostic assessments are conducted with a Licensed Mental Health Professional.

6. When an opening is available, the family is contacted to begin services. Since we provide therapy in a variety of settings, many factors are involved when determining a start date. Location, availability and staffing make it difficult to predict when an opening may occur.