Enrollment Questions

I hear ABA is very expensive. How do I pay for your services?

ABA programs do cost a significant amount; however, MAC is ready to help you navigate the many options available for payment. All children with an autism diagnosis qualify for Medical Assistance that does cover the costs of our programming through Medicaid’s TEFRA program. The TEFRA program does require a parental co-pay based upon a family’s adjusted gross income.

Some private insurance plans offer coverage for ABA services; many insurance plans do not. A new Minnesota statue requires some private insurance plans to offer coverage for ABA services beginning January 1, 2014. MAC has been able to help hundreds of families find a viable financial option to cover the costs of their child’s treatment. Don’t delay inquiring about a MAC program based upon concerns of how the programming will get paid; we want to find a way to help you and your child.

Does my insurance pay for your services?

Some private insurance plans pay for our complete services; the vast majority covers our speech and occupational therapy components. Many private insurance plans currently restrict or prohibit payment for ABA services in Minnesota. Strides are being made to make autism treatment covered like any other illness or wellness issue that private insurance covers.

Every child with an autism spectrum diagnosis can qualify for government-sponsored insurance to pay for ABA services. Our intake specialists at MAC can assist you in assessing the different payment options available to you. Our experience is that every child can have a source of payment; we will help you find the best option for your personal situation.

How do I access public social services to get MAC’s expenses paid for? Are there income restrictions?

Social Services are administered county by county. Your county’s human services department is your first step to receiving access to government services for your child. MAC’s in-take specialists are able to answer many of your questions related to tapping into government programs to pay for MAC’s services.

Children with autism cannot be denied access to services based upon their parent’(s) income. However, parental income may be used to determine if a parental co-pay will be charged to access governmental-paid services for your child.

My child needs a professional diagnosis and assessment. Does MAC provide that service? How long is the wait?

MAC is one of the largest providers of diagnosis and assessments for autism in the Upper Midwest.  Our growing team of licensed professionals is focused on providing accurate and comprehensive assessments of your child’s abilities and needs.  Most children can be seen for a diagnosis or assessment within a few weeks of your contacting MAC.  We do not require your child to be an on-going client to access these services.

How quickly can you start a program for my child?

MAC provides a variety of treatment programs in various settings across Minnesota.  Our in-take specialists can help you start the process of commencing services.  Once we have your completed in-take packet and complete our initial assessment, our professional staff will recommend a program that we believe will benefit your child most.  Depending upon need and geography, we may be able to start programming within a few weeks or the wait may be several months or more.  MAC is constantly seeking to add qualified individuals to our therapy teams so that we can accelerate the commencement of programming for families seeking our services.

I would like my child to receive treatment at one of MAC’s therapy centers or school. How do I find transportation for my child to make this possible?

For some of our parents, dropping their child off at the beginning and end of their work day has become a way of life.  For those who cannot provide transportation for their child, government programs exist to provide contracted transportation services for children with autism.  MAC does not provide transportation to the children we serve, however, we can educate you about the options that may be available.