Winners of MAC’s 2015 Beard-a-thon!

“Best in Show” award went to Liam D.!

Congratulations Liam!


Liam with Beard Judges Krista, Chris and MJ.

Partial Beard

1st place: Liam D.

2nd Place: Nate Andrajack

3rd Place: Kevin Roy


Full Beard Pete Biasi, Competition Day

1st place: Ollie Reller

2nd Place: John Bradley

3rd Place: Eric Sipe


30-Day Sprint

1st place: Matty M.

2nd Place: Nick Hausladen

3rd Place: Rick Heyman



1st place: Daniel Gray

2nd Place: Joe Russell

3rd Place: Max Meisner



1st place: Wyatt A.

2nd Place: Teagon “The Legend”

3rd Place: Sonja Fortin


Pledge race

Joe Gerlich!  Thank you to Joe and all of his pledge supporters!

Although the Pledge Race ended at midnight of April 30th, MAC will continue to accept Beard donations.  Scroll to the bottom of this page to donate today!



The 2nd Annual MAC Beard-a-thon was a complete success with over 55 contestants in five different categories, supported by an even greater throng of Pledge Race team members. Thank you, everyone, for your participation and support!

Peruse our amazing Beard-a-thon contestants, and pledge your support at the bottom of this page!



(14 contestants total)

Not shown:

Kristina Boylan

Kindy Olson

Renee Rolling

Teagon “The Legend”


30-Day Sprint

(13 contestants total)

Not shown:

Sam Bomber

Seth Carlson

Jon C.

Dave Engelhard

Nick Hausladen

Ryan Jerrow

Matthew M.

Brian Thomas


Full Beard

(14 contestants total)

Not shown:

Greg Berland

Steve Ketchum

Joel Lambrides

Tony Larson

Mike Lombardi

David Raabe

Matt Smith


Partial Beard

(8 contestants total)

Not shown:

Evan Curtin

Matthew Kruse

Brandon Reiner



(6 contestants total)

Not shown:

Kris Edmond

Max Meisner

Joe Russell


Do you see who you would like to support?  PLEDGE TODAY!


All pledges must be received by MAC’s finance office by April 28, 2015 to count toward the Pledge Race category.  Please make checks payable to Minnesota Autism Center.

1. Mail checks/cash to the below address, with your Beard participant’s in the memo line:

Minnesota Autism Center
Attn: Beards for Autism
5710 Baker Road
Minnetonka, MN 55345

2. If you wish to pay by credit card, click this donate button, and enter your Beard participant’s name by pressing “Add special instructions to the seller“. Pledges by credit card must be a minimum $5 pledge.


To learn more about what this whole Beard-a-thon was about, click here!