MAC was founded by parents of children with autism who sought the very best ABA programming available in an effort to restore hope and opportunity to children in Minnesota struggling with autism. MAC remains true to its founding mission by having experienced parents of children with autism leading with a day-to-day focus of delivering life-changing results that only a parent who has lived a life of autism can appreciate. Your child is not a ‘client’ at MAC; he or she is a member of our family.

Unlike many ABA providers in Minnesota, MAC only hires professionals who meet the highest required standards for ABA treatment. The Minnesota Autism Center’s life-changing interventions are directed by a team of highly trained and experienced Mental Health Professionals, which include doctorate level Psychologists, Masters Level Professionals, Licensed Social Workers and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors. Each therapy program is implemented by a team of Mental Health Practitioners consisting of a Clinical Supervisor with overall responsibility for designing therapy methods; a Lead Therapist who manages and translates the individual treatment plan (ITP) into specific therapeutic procedures; and several Behavioral Therapists who implement the plan with the child or youth and family. Total therapy hours vary from a minimum of 15 to 40 hours depending on the individual child’s or youth’s characteristics. Program data is collected and analyzed to assess progress and therapeutic effectiveness. The input of parents and caregivers regarding their child’s or youth’s goals is an essential component to the therapy process.

MAC has adopted the highest industry standards in hiring, staff credentialing and experience because your child does not get a second chance. As a result, staff oversight is rigorous. You can be confident that your ABA therapy staff from MAC will be second to none!