Your child is precious. All MAC facilities are designed to make sure your child has a safe, clean and engaging environment in which to learn. Unlike many other facilities, we have stringent controls and security protocols in place to make sure your child is safe from outsiders entering our sites or having your child inadvertently leaving our facilities without our knowledge. Our staff meets and greets your child in our parking lots at the beginning of the day and personally transfers your child into the care of you or your designated substitute at the end of the day.

MAC centers and schools set the bar high for cleanliness and sanitation. Professional cleaning crews nightly scrub each of our facilities, professional landscapers keep our grounds and parking lots immaculate, and our staff is trained to keep our sites sparkling during the day. Cleanliness doesn’t come at the expense of fun and engagement. MAC’s facilities are designed with state-of-the-art breakout rooms, gyms, and reinforcement areas that are utilized to give your child a broad and comprehensive learning environment from which to benefit. Your child will thrive at MAC’s unmatched facilities that are rich in opportunities for your child and that far exceed what other providers offer.

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