Success Stories

“Since becoming a MAC School student, it is a fair assessment to say that Roman has truly blossomed as an individual.  In addition to receiving instruction that is individually modified to capitalize on his dominant learning style (kinetic) in typical school subjects, Roman is acquiring many useful life skills.  He is learning how to initiate, navigate, and appreciate peer relationships in an environment that makes social interactions rewarding and fun.  I’m sure you are aware of the horrifying statistics on bullying and autism in public schools across our nation.  Knowing that Roman is safe and receiving one-on-one support as he learns how to interact appropriately with peers is extremely reassuring to me as the parent of a vulnerable child.”

-Kelly Adams


“It’s not too much to say that MAC has rescued us! We have twins with ASD, age 10, and the professionals at the MAC Centers have given us hope that life for our boys can be and will be enriched.  Dave Englehard, our former program lead, sacrificed hundreds of hours needed to get one of our boys potty trained. Our quality of life has improved tremendously! I would also like to compliment the boys’ current team at the Fridley location, for the improvements we’ve seen. The special efforts of Heidi, their speech therapist in securing talking devices to help the boys find a voice has been so encouraging. One has even started to make normal sounds and words. Thank you, MAC!”

-Bill and Raluca Avery


“Words cannot express the gratitude that we have for MAC and its behavioral therapists. Our son was 3 1/2 and nonverbal when he started at the Minnesota Autism Center; within 9 months he was speaking three-word sentences. He now engages with his peers and has become self-sufficient. We have been able to utilize the very helpful techniques from our family skills sessions at home to minimize our son’s meltdowns and redirect his behaviors.”

-The Arndts


“MAC has given me a hope that my boys will learn. MAC has shown me how to communicate with my boys. MAC is wonderful, positive, caring environment for autistic kids and their family.”

-Nafiso Abdi


“Our family’s experience with the Minnesota Autism Center has been absolutely life-changing. The in-home therapists that my son has been working with have given him so many new skills and resources that he will use forever. There is no better feeling than to be able to communicate with him, and now to watch him grow into a wonderful young man. Thank you, MAC.”

-Miranda Dobe


“The Minnesota Autism Center has been providing services for my two children with autism for about 8 years. The progress my children have made is remarkable and has surpassed my expectations. The therapists and clinicians continue to challenge them in ways we would be unable to do on our own. My children enjoy their time at MAC and their smiles speak volumes about how they enjoy their time working and learning. Their language, behavior, social and life skills grow daily and I know they will continue to gain needed skills for life success and happiness. In addition, MAC bridges skills learned between home and the center and this has benefited our family in so many ways. I am grateful for the services provided by MAC and know that the future for my children, as well as our family, is bright.”

-Chastity Lewis


“Minnesota Autism Center has been a key to unveiling a broad range of skills that have helped our son tremendously. Our family is grateful for the accessibility to service and thankful for a supportive, invested staff. We are fortunate to have MAC be a part of our lives and consider the team that works with our son a part of the family.”

-Lori Walser


“MAC services have been the most important part of my son’s progress over the years. Their staff members are not only extremely skilled, but caring and hopeful even in situations where I myself had difficulty finding hope. I never imagined he’d be where he is today, and we thank MAC for that!”

-Julie Duncan